We are changing the way the world eats burgers, hence the term: Burgerfication of the Nation. Our guests should feel good about eating. Our back to basics commitment extends to our classic American recipes created from natural and fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

We use 100% pure, all-natural beef free of growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, chemicals and additives. Simply put, natural just tastes better.

It is our mission, from the design of the restaurant to the quality and selection of the products, to ensure that a guest’s experience is outstanding. The BurgerFi® franchise system has been developed to create consistency in design, operations, and the overall customer experience.

Barre South

Barre South is locally owned. Barre classes fuse yoga, pilates, and ballet together to create an exercise fit for all shapes, sizes, ages, and genders (yes, men, even YOU!).  Developed by Lotte Berk, a German dancer, barre was developed to create a low impact form of activity that uses isometric movements to target specific muscle groups throughout the entire body.  Barre is a full body workout that stabilizes the core, tones the arms, defines the thighs and seat, and strengthens the abs.  We integrate quick stretches throughout the class to lengthen the muscles and increase flexibility and range of motion – this also helps prevent muscles from bulking up; we’re working for strong, lean bodies!  Our goal at barre south is to strengthen, tone and stretch individual muscles in order to create a strong and confident YOU!

Blue Sky Endurance

Blue Sky Endurance is a locally owned and operated triathlon store for runners, cyclists and swimmers. We carry high performance gear for swim, bike and run and believe in a fit-first approach in all we offer. We provide a range of services for athletes, including an in-house current pool—where we perform swim stroke analysis and allow athletes to train for endurance swimming—plus product testing, expert fitting assistance, bike maintenance and on-site physical therapy.

Blue Sky Endurance offers some of the best multi-sport coaches in the Charleston area for training athletes of all skill levels—from the beginner to the seasoned pro—in swim, bike, run or all three. We are active in the community and host a number of events and training programs. In everything we do, Blue Sky Endurance is dedicated to providing high quality gear and services to help our athletes swim stronger, bike faster, run longer and train smarter.

Stox & Co.

STOX & CO. is an Award Winning Health and Wellness Spa and Salon.

For over 20 years we have offered exceptional services to our guests which include a variety of holistic therapies, from luxurious facials, aromatherapy massage, prenatal massage, body treatments, pilates, yoga, customized airbrush tanning, nutritional guidance, hair & nail spa and a boutique with a wide selection of products to choose from.  A close knit team of professionals work with you to achieve your personal goals.  The benefits are soothing and life enriching with each experience tailored for our guests.

If you need a relaxing spa getaway, a healthy living program or a new makeover, Stox & Co. is the perfect choice with a host of services to choose from.